It's a Jungle Out There!

A young explorers guide to the Jungle.



Duration: This is a half term project, designed for half a day of focused time per week. The work will revolve around the creation of a picture book called  'The Lion who lost his Roar' that will be created by the children as they explore the jungle looking for their Lion's lost roar. There is plenty of opportunity for cross curriculum enrichment.

Age range: Foundation.

Creative conclusion: The children will create a picture book together. A performance of their story that includes live and/or recorded dance, drama and singing can also be presented in assembly or as part of an end of term play. 


Creative Drama, Dance and Storytelling. 

The work will revolve around devising a story  'The Lion Who Lost His Roar'.

Our Lion character will learn from other jungle animals as he searches everywhere for his lost roar. Each animal will teach him their character traits as our Lion learns that he needs to be confident in his own skin in order to find his voice. 

Every session will involve elements of dance, drama and story telling, with a different creative focus each week. 



The children will meet two new animals each week and play phonic based drama games and exercises to encourage vocabulary for each page of their picture book. Having discussed with the class teacher beforehand the Creative Facilitator will have a list of BUZZ words each week, that will be worked on and used within the story.

Poems, rhythms and rhymes will be explored using the sounds of the jungle as a stimulus. We will create a jungle soundscape as well as simple rhythms and rhymes that will be included in our picture book. The work can also be recorded and used as part of the final presentation.  



Number and counting games will be incorporated throughout the sessions. The children will help our animal friends solve simple maths problems as they help us explore the jungle. Numeracy will feature highly when we teach dance and rhythm.


Group Work

In every aspect of the sessions the children's creativity and imaginations are at the forefront of the work. They will work as part of small and large groups.

The combination of these groups will change throughout the unit of work. Allowing the children to develop their team work and social skills, to be inspired by different combinations of children and to be given the opportunity to lead.


Creative Conclusion.

Our primary Creative Conclusion will be our picture book 'The Lion who Lost his ROAR!'.  The story, words, rhymes and pictures will be created from the children's ideas having been inspired by the creative sessions. 

They will learn a dance as well as songs and poems.  These will be infused within the story, which can be performed live or filmed as an interactive story telling.


Week 1 - Let's Explore!

The first session will focus on introducing the different animals and their habitats. We will work creatively exploring the environment as we venture deeper into the jungle. 

We will introduce our Lion character, the hero of our story with some animated story telling, games and group improvisation. The children will discuss our Lion in groups and as a class, we will write the first page of his story together, using the weekly BUZZ words.

Using props and fabric we will create different animals in our groups and photograph them for our book.


Week 2 - Manic Monkeys and Elegant Elephants - A Focus on Rhythm and Rhyme.

In this session we meet two very different animals, with very different rhythms; the slow, heavy elephants who speak eloquently, never forget a good rhyme, riddle or mathematical problem and the Manic Monkeys who are into everything and can't stop talking.

Using fun phonic exercises and rhyming games the children will experiment with rhymes and rhythm. Creating and recording a jungle soundscape and a simple poem inspired by their new animal friends. 


Week 3 - Gigantic Giraffes and Slithering Snakes - A Focus on Dance and Creative Movement. 

The children will discover the unique skills of the gigantic giraffes and embody the physical characteristics of the Slithering Snakes as they attempt to aid our Lion on his quest to find his roar. With a focus on physicality, this week their discoveries will inspire the next two pages of our picture book, as the children experience life high in the sky and slithering through the jungle undergrowth. 


Week 4 - Rotten Rhinos and Cheating Cheetahs - A focus on ourselves and our feelings.

Meeting the next two characters we explore our emotions, feelings and body language. The children will make their own animal masks and then explore how our bodies express feelings as well as our voices and faces. 

Our Rotten Rhinos prove they aren't grumpy at all but simply misunderstood as we help them express themselves, whilst our Cheating Cheetahs cheeky ways are exposed by our intrepid explorers. 


Week 5 - Daring, Dancing Deer and Zannie Zebra - A focus on our similarities, differences and what makes us special. 

The conclusion of our story as we meet two new friends who encourage him to be himself and not try to be like anyone else but him. We explore our individuality and build our Lions confidence to a big roaring final page in a our picture book! 


Week 6 - Reflect and Rehearse.

The final week can be used to rehearse or record/ film final sections for our creative conclusion.

The Facilitator will read the children's very own completed picture book and rediscover all the of their creations.

The children will discuss their work and experiences in a thorough plenary session.