Star Partnerships:
Creative Projects in the Primary Curriculum

A Call for Creativity

Thousands of conversations with heads and teachers have been initiated over the last few years via our literacy based West End in Schools productions and dance workshops.

In all those conversations there was a common thread. Teachers understood the requirement to deliver the curriculum, but were hungry to add creative projects both in their own right and as a tool to inspire learning.

The Creative Partnerships project closed in 2011 and since then opportunities to engage with the highest quality professional artists and creative professionals have dwindled.

But as an award winning West End theatre company we have unique access to some of the most talented creative practitioners working in Britain today.

How could these talented people help you make a lasting difference in your school?

World Book Day dancing

Creative Benefit

The Creative Partnerships programme demonstrated that engaging schools in bespoke projects in partnership with creative professionals increased attainment and engagement by both pupils and staff.

Evidence from Creative Partnerships indicated that creative projects improved confidence, communication skills and motivation.

Ofsted noted improvements too - particularly in writing and speaking.

By working in partnership with your school community we hope to help you create many of the same benefits - and the requirement of the majority of schools to provide PPA time provides an opportunity in both the timetable and the budget to bring a new type of creative project in to schools.


So why are creative professionals so suited to this work in schools? 

Improvements in literacy, particularly writing, and speaking were significant in the majority of schools visited... Developing and applying mathematical skills in context was also an indicator of pupils’ achievement which several schools identified... Pupils used ICT effectively to research, explore, develop and model ideas in and across different subjects.
— Ofsted, The Impact of Creative Partnerships, 2006