Making Your PPA Time More Effective

Headteachers consistently tell us that PPA time is the least valuable time in the week for the children -  and that structuring it takes a disproportionate amount of management focus.

We offer topic based creative projects for the children in PPA time lasting half a term at a time based on the current topic.

Each project will act as a creative catalyst helping the children engage with the curriculum in a holistic way, and the children can gain their Arts Award at the same time.

  • We devise each project based around the children's current topic and can focus on appropriate skills for each class - such as speaking and listening, dance and creative writing.
  • Each project ends with a creative bang - a performance, a recording, a diary, a website or something else created by the children.
  • The result at the end of the project can be shared in an assembly, in a performance to parents or on the school website.

Five Projects, Five Topics, Five Artforms in a Year

In the course of a year we would typically expect to deliver five projects with each class we work with.

  • Four projects would be of a half-term long duration
  • The final project would last for the full length of the summer term and its Creative Conclusion might form part or all of the end of year show.

If the projects are well chosen then the interface with the main curriculum can be designed to engage pupils in creative writing and other tasks that are relevant to the creative project.

The next page will show you some typical projects each based on a different topic.


World Book Day dancing

PPA Fridays?

We can provide multiple staff allowing you to schedule many PPA sessions simultaneously.

With careful planning and sufficient resources it should be possible for all your PPA to take place over one or two days each week.