My World, Your World. 

A young explorers guide to the Big Wide World.


Duration: This is a half term project, designed for half a day of focused time per week. The countries we visit will be dependent upon your schools requirements and we can incorporate other topics such as Diwali, The Environment or spend the whole term exploring Africa or another continent or country. The work detailed below is an example of the type of work we do, which will be catered to your classes specific needs.

We will a child in each country who will act at our tour guide. They will introduce us to different elements of their culture and lifestyle and take us on an adventure as they whisk us through their country.

Age range: KS1

Creative conclusion: Having played their part in creating an epic world wide adventure, the children will create an 'Around the World Guide Book' that will be packed full of information about culture, language and adventures.  A live performance presenting their explorations is possible, as well as recorded news reports from every corner of the globe.




Each week we will visit a new region of the world and meet a new children who lives there. Through role play and improvisation we will explore the native country of our guide and examine their life and the differences to our own. 

During each session we will use fabric and props to decorate the room and create the atmosphere and look of the places we explore. 


Dance, Movement and Song.

In each country we will learn either a native song,  a traditional dance or discover a folk tale.

We will focus on traditional dance forms and develop our own 'World Wide Dance', adding to it each week.

We will explore communication and body language, discovering how we can communicate with people from all over the world.  



We will collate a tour guide full of tips, information and tales about the various countries we visit.  

Language and communication will be explored as we learn how to greet people in different languages.

We will write poems, rhythms and rhymes to encapsulate our experiences of different destinations; the smells, sounds and landscapes.  The poems will be interpreted physically, allowing EAL pupils to play a full part in expressing themselves.

Books will be used as a stimulus; UNICEF 'A Life like Mine'.


Research and ICT

The class will be encouraged to seek out their own primary evidence. 

The children will use recording and film making equipment. Recording one anothers voices as they recite the poetry they have written, as well as filming tourism adverts and news bulletins.


Group Work

In every aspect of the sessions the children's creativity and imagination is at the forefront of the work. They will be guided to devise much of the work, as part of small and large groups.

The combination of these groups will change throughout the unit of work. Allowing the children to develop their team work and social skills, to be inspired by combinations of children and to be given opportunity to lead.


Creative Conclusion.

The children will create a guide book 'A Young Explorers Guide to the Big Wide World'. A piece of written work detailing their journey across the world, the highlights of each place they explored, information about food, culture and language, as well as creative writing inspired by their experiences.

We will also film news bulletins then can be used as part of a live performance  



Week 1 - Europe.

Every session will begin with our World Map Warm up. Where the Children locate continents, countries and cities physically with our giant world map. 

We will a number of European countries, where through improvisation and role play we could dance Flamenco in Seville, cycle through Amsterdam, explore Warsaw, make a pizza in Rome or drive over the Oresund bridge from Denmark to Sweden.

In groups the children will create an advert to attract tourists to their given county, these can be performed live or be filmed.

We will begin to explore creative movement and dance styles and begin creating the 'World Wide Dance', exploring dance and music styles from across the globe and bringing them together in one piece. This will be added to every week.


Week 2 - Africa.

After locating our destination on our huge world map, we will pack our back pack for a trip from Northern to Southern Africa

With our first stop in Eygpt, we will explore the landscapes physically, taking photos of the sites the children create with their bodies for the guide book.  With our local guide, we will visit the pyramids and have an eery encounter with a Pharaoh.

As we venture further South we will travel through the continent go on Safari in Kenya, spend the night camping under the stars, as we hear traditional stories, learn songs and dances from the continent. We will finish our trip on Table Mountain in South Africa.

The Children will split into groups and create pages of guide book detailing their highlights of their trip across Africa.

Week 3 - Asia.

After a tour through India's countryside we will arrive at a market where we will explore the sound, smell and colour of this vibrant country. We will create a soundscape and use role play to experience the busy Indian city culture.

Next we head to China, making our way along The Great Wall, we will arrive in Beijing in time for Chinese New Year, where will explore the traditions and celebrations.

Throughout this session the Creative Facilitator will keep a list of BUZZ words that will then be used to write a poem about our journey through Asia. Experimenting with traditional forms of Indian and Chinese dance, we will interpret the poem physically.

Week 4  - North America to South America

Using our giant world Map the children will start in cold Alaska and work their way through the cultures and climates of Canada and the United States of America, take in French speaking Quebec, experience Niagra falls, the iconic Statue of Liberty and perhaps taking in some jazz in New Orleans. They will continue through Mexico and down into South America in time to catch the Rio Carnival. The children will split into groups and create their own costume, head dresses, dance moves and chants. Rio carnival will come to life in the classroom!

Week 5 - Australasia.

Our final destination is Australasia.  We will head into Australia taking in the city highlights of Sydney but heading to the outback to find the indigenous Aboriginal people. The children will discover the history of Australia, create some aboriginal art, listen to traditional 'Dreamtime' stories, sample the outback and discover the thriving wild life.


Week 6 -  Reflect and Rehearse

If there is to be a presentation of the work, the session will be used to rehearse live sections or record/ film final sections for our creative conclusion.

Otherwise the facilitator will retrace the journey on the the World Map, remembering all our experiences and compiling our guide book. 

The children will discuss their work, creations and experiences in a thorough plenary session. in groups the children will prepare and film a final news bulletin about their personal highlights of their world trip.